The American Bar Association has recognized DUI Defenses a specialization area or field of law. Lawyers in the United States who have attained Board Certified in DUI Defense are truly the TOP lawyers in this field. Less than 125 people in the entire nation have EVER reached this level of expertise in DUI Defense. In fact, of the one million or so lawyers in the nation, 99.99% have NOT attained this position in the specialized field of DUI Defense. To reach this point of receiving this recognition, a lawyer must first show a deep and extensive history of experience in all stages of defending a person charged with an alcohol related traffic crime. To even be considered for this, the minimum experience requirements in the previous three (3) years are greater than MANY lawyers have had in their careers. Plus this experience must be PROVEN. Once the lawyer can prove this level of experience, the lawyer may than proceed to the next step. The next step is to sit for an exam on the legal, medical, and technical aspects that are involved in a DUI case. This exam, like most Bar Exams, is separated into two (2) parts; a multiple choice test, and a written essay test. It includes questions on breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests. It includes questions on the latest court cases and statutes. It is graded by other Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyers.1

Of those who have taken this exam, many experienced lawyers have failed it. This exam is thought by many to be more difficult than any State Bar Exam. The next stage of this process to be Board Certified is to present to the examiners an example by this lawyer of a brief or writing sample he has produced. The lawyer then must argue that brief or writing sample to a three (3) judge panel of

other Board Certified DUI Defense Lawyers in a format similar to arguing a case before the Supreme Court. This panel is usually comprised of men of 20 + years of experience in this field and MOST have written books on this topic. Only THEN, if the lawyer passes this Oral Presentation AND the exam above, can the lawyer be awarded Board Certification. In Oklahoma City, there were only two attorneys able to sit for the Board Certification Exam. Charles L. Sifers became the FIRST lawyer in Oklahoma to be awarded Board Certification in DUI Defense. He is one of only two lawyers that are the ONLY Board Certified DUI Defense attorneys in the Western and Central parts of the State of Oklahoma.2

So, if you want the TOP lawyer in the field of DUI Defense for a case in central or western Oklahoma, there is ONLY one: Charles L. Sifers.

  1. Charles L. Sifers contributed several questions to the Board Certification exams in the early part of this decade. He also graded other applicants exams during his tenure on the Board of Regents for the National College for DUI Defense.
  2. There are only 3 other lawyers in Oklahoma with this certification; one in Oklahoma City and the other is in Tulsa and he limits his practice to Eastern Oklahoma.