Be careful in your choices. There are attorneys out there who will promote themselves as educated and trained in the important areas to know to properly defend you, such as, field tests, breath tests and blood tests, & DUI trial techniques, etc. Regrettably, some of these have only been to a seminar or two where ONE the topic(s) were covered. Some of these attorneys MAY have actually completed a specialized course on one of these topics. However, they have not studied deeper in this area. Perhaps that attorney HAS become properly knowledgeable in ONE of the many areas BUT has had little or NO exposure to the OTHER topics. Even then, he/she may have never used any of the information from those seminars for the benefit of their clients. Also, some of these have never contributed to the DUI Defense Legal field, either. This would be like having a medical problem that requires surgery, and going to a doctor who has only studied this problem in some of the literature a bit, maybe even gotten “good” at treating PART of the medical problem, but has never done one of these surgeries. That doctor would have almost certainly NEVER developed any new and innovative medical techniques to address that problem. That doctor simply could not have. He does not have the required training and experience to have been able to come up with new ways to treat that medical problem. Although that doctor MIGHT know some about your problem or he/she might even be a nice and pleasant person, most of us would NOT want that doctor to operate on us or one of our loved ones. There is simply TOO much at stake. So, this is what you do . . . ,

When looking for a lawyer to defend your DUI/APC case, ask these questions:

  1. Are you Certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests administration?
  2. Are you Certified as a TRAINER of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests administration?
  3. Have you ever been certified by the State of Oklahoma as an Intoxilyzer 8000 OPERATOR?
  4. Have you every attended the DUI Trial College conducted by the National College for DUI Defense, held at Harvard Law School? How many times?
  5. Have you ever published any articles or books on DUI Defense?
  6. Have your EVER owned a working and functioning Intoxilyzer AND put it to use in a client’s case?
  7. Have you ever made LAW in DUI Defense by taking any cases to the Appellate Court(s) of this State?
  8. Have you tried at least 1,000 driver’s license hearings at the Department of Public Safety?
  9. Have you tried at least 500 driver’s license appeals before District Courts in Oklahoma?
  10. Have you tried at least 75 bench or jury trials on DUI?
  11. Have you ever won any of these hearings, appeals, or trials?
  12. Are you Board Certified by the National College for DUI Defense, as provided by the American Bar Association’s Specialization?
  13. Is the percentage of your law practice which is devoted to DUI Defense less than 75%?
  14. Have you been recognized by your peers in Best Lawyers in America?
  15. Have you been awarded “Best Lawyer of the Year” by Best Lawyers in America more than once?

If the answer is “NO” to ANY OF THE QUESTIONS ABOVE, you should keep looking for the lawyer who will handle your DUI Case. An answer of “NO” to any of these questions shows that he is likely NOT on the cutting edge of this field. There is ONE lawyer in Oklahoma who CAN answer ALL of these questions with a “YES . . . . , ME.