Avoid ANY lawyer like this . . . ,

  1. He tells you that there is nothing that you can do to avoid having your Oklahoma license revoked for your DUI arrest. This is simply NOT true. There are multiple defenses that can be used in your DUI case . . . and should be!
  2. He tells you that the breath machine (breathalyzer) used in Oklahoma cannot be attacked or defended. This is a statement made by someone who is also frighteningly ignorant. The machine has several weaknesses that a DUI defense attorney can take advantage of on your behalf.
  3. He has never attended ANY seminars or courses on Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. If a lawyer does not attend one of these courses and study the techniques used by the officer in arresting you, how can he defend you?
  4. He has a GENERAL law practice, handling any and everything from divorces to bankruptcy. DUI Defense is a specialty area of law and only those lawyers who limit their practice to this can stay on the cutting edge for your defense.
  5. He has never been trained on the Intoxilyzer 8000 breath test machine and is not Oklahoma State Certified to operate one. Only those lawyers who have been trained and is certified can explain the flaws in this testing system to the judge and jury.
  6. He tells you that your case doesn’t require a “high-powered” DUI Defense lawyer and that he can do the same for you that one of those lawyers might do. In point of fact, DUI cases can be extremely complex. And any attorney who does not understand the complexities cannot represent you as effectively. Not to mention that DUI penalties can be severe. Do you really want to entrust your DUI case to someone who does not intimately know DUI law and defenses?
  7. He tells you that he sees no defense in your case and that the best that you can hope for is to get a plea bargain.

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