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There is an attorney in Oklahoma who frequently uses the expression “knowledge is power”. There is a great deal of wisdom in that statement. The reason is that experience, even several years of it, ALONE is not enough in DUI defense. If you do not have the knowledge & training to do something CORRECTLY, then the only way that you can do it is INCORRECTLY! And, if you have a lot of experience in “practicing” it INCORRECTLY, you get very good at doing it WRONG. The more knowledge and training you have on a topic, the better equipped you are to do a task the RIGHT way. Therefore, the attorney with the MOST knowledge and training in DUI defense would be the MOST POWERFUL for YOU!


Attorneys have the same opportunity to receive advanced knowledge & training in various fields of law as Doctors do in Medicine . In DUI defense, the more of this the attorney has, the better equipped he is to help you. The most advanced trainings, and proof thereof, are:

*  Graduate, National College for DUI Defense’s (NCDD) DUI Trial College held annually at Harvard Law School - the more times attended, the more knowledge the attorney has.  See NCDD


*  Graduate, NCDD’s Annual Winter College - again, the more times attended, the more knowledge he/she has.

*  Graduate, Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI cases - held annually in Atlanta or Texas - the more times attended, the more knowledge on these complex scientific matters.

*  Graduate, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Annual DUI defense course - More times attended, again, the more knowledge.

*  Owns & maintains a functioning Intoxilyzer 5000, the breath machine on which you were tested - he/she is more likely to be “hands-on” familiar with this device than someone who does not own one OR someone who owns a non-functioning device.

*  Oklahoma State Certified as an Intoxilyzer 5000 Operator - this means that he/she has received RARE knowledge, directly *  from “the other side”, & proven his/her ability on the machine.

*  Oklahoma State Certified as an Intoxilyzer 5000 Supervisor/Specialist - attorneys with this proven level of knowledge & training are TRULY rare. It shows a VERY DEEP level of knowledge on this machine.

*  Certified Administrator of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s) under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines - he has the same training as the cops on these tests.

*  Certified TRAINER of SFST’s under NHTSA guidelines - This is the HIGHEST level of training that a person can receive on these tests.

*  Graduate, Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol, Drugs, & Highway Safety: Testing, Research, & Litigation, Indiana University, Bloomington - this is a law enforcement course! It is the highest “training ground” for law enforcement in the science of DUI. Only a very few defense attorneys in the nation have EVER been allowed to attend this course.

*  Graduate of a Blood Test Course for Defense Attorneys - such as The Complete Blood & Urine Course, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 1998 - (Only 15 defense attorneys in the nation attended this course!) or one put on by C.E.S. Consulting, Inc., Florida. A graduate of either of these is MORE likely to have more knowledge on ALL chemical tests than other attorneys.

*  Formal Recognition (such as Board Certification) in DUI Defense by The National College for DUI Defense (“NCDD”) - There have been only 33 attorneys in the nation awarded this distinction. An attorney with this award has an unsurpassed level of knowledge on DUI Defense.

*  Graduate of a Drug Recognition Expert (“DRE”) Course - he has had training on law enforcement’s newest tool to accuse persons of DUI-Drugs. Lawyers who have done this are RARE.

The Attorney that has this knowledge & training, and THE experience to use it , will proudly post EVIDENCE of it in his office!



*  The other evidence of an attorney’s high level of knowledge training, and his ability to help you with your DUI/APC case is:

*  He owns and maintains a Library of DUI Defense books and manuals.

*  He Is an Author of Articles on DUI Defense - the more knowledgeable the attorney is on this topic, the more likely he has written and published articles on DUI Defense.

*  He Is a FREQUENT LECTURER/SPEAKER at DUI Defense seminars & courses for Bar Associations and other legal groups in Oklahoma and around the nation - the more often he has been a speaker AND the more states in which he has done this, the more evidence that his knowledge is recognized as superior by OTHER lawyers in this field throughout the nation.

*  He is responsible for HELPFUL Appellate Case Law in Oklahoma relating to DUI/APC - this shows a great deal of knowledge - and proof that he will fight for you - in DUI/APC. It also shows that the attorney has USED his training & knowledge, and his power, for the benefit of his clients!

He uses this advanced training & knowledge to represent his Clients !

Mr. Charles Sifers has every training and credential referenced above!  No other attorney anywhere in Oklahoma can make this statement ...  NOT A SINGLE ONE!


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It is an absolute fact to properly handle DUI cases it requires advanced training by the lawyer.  No "DUI Lawyer" will dispute that fact.  You will find claims by other lawyers that they have these trainings, too.

Some lawyers claim that they attend or particiapte in or go to, AS WELL AS, lecture or speak at, or present papers at, ALL (or most) of the DUI trainings around the State & Nation.  While any can ATTEND one of these seminars,  ONLY those Lawyers who are RECOGNIZED BY THEIR PEERS AS POSSESSING SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL are  ASKED to lecture at these seminars

Ask any attorney who makes these claims, "Where & when he/she lectured at a DUI course for other lawyers?"   Ask them "how many times?" have other lawyers wanted to hear what THEY had to teach them on DUI Defense?  The attorney that has been asked to lecture to other lawyers and judges on DUI Defense should be able to show you when and where.  Then compare THEM to the lawyers of


The Law Office of Sifers & Sifers can prove it, and have.

The lawyers in our office have been asked MORE TIMES than ANY other law firm in Oklahoma to lecture at, speak at, and/or present papers to defense lawyers and Judges on the topic of DUI Defense.  Combined, we have done this close to 100 times, in close to 1/4 of the Nation, over the last 10 years.  In fact, one or both of the lawyers in our office may well have been one of the TRAINERS of these other lawyers for the education or credential(s) of which they are so proud! 



in Oklahoma has been recognized by it's peers in this way as often as

Sifers & Sifers